The Jordan Evans Design Studio specializes in architectural interiors, event styling, florals and paper design. From full-service interior design to custom illustrations for your wedding stationery suite, we've got you covered. Explore the website to learn more about each area of expertise. 


With a deep appreciation for timeless design and a dedicated attention to detail, Jordan works with clients to create thoughtful, meaningful, functional interiors. Her natural eye for color, composition and style paired with formal training in architectural design + fine art give Jordan the knowledge and ability to creatively assist clients in a multitude of ways. From re-imagining the interior spaces of a home to designing custom paper goods and styling events that celebrate each of life's major moments, she is able to provide a unique and comprehensive in-house service that is completely customizable and tailored to fit each client's specific needs and vision. 


Creative design is one of the most powerful tools we can leverage to enhance our own realities.  Design is an unending process of forward thinking, and my personal approach is supported by an innovative perspective on the fundamentals. Great design is stimulating and characteristically progressive, but every successful project is built upon a certain combination of first principles.

Great design provides us with balance, value and purpose. Through design, I strive to redefine originality and to create dynamic, functional spaces that will engage the human condition at every level. As individuals, we directly experience, interpret and form our own relationship with the built environment, so the aesthetics of design are often purely subjective. However, though personal perceptions of our surroundings may differ, I believe that open thinking and a comprehensive approach can bridge the gap between professional insight and client preference.

Design is a visual language. It is not established on objects, but rather on ideas and emotions. It is the link between the subconscious and the tangible; an authentic and personal interpretation of the relationship between observation and dialogue. Intelligent design is highly conceptual. It is a sensory experience in which success can only be achieved through constant evaluation and by establishing a balance between concept, function, uniformity and visual aesthetic.

Jordan Evans, IIDA